Player Development

Train with us this fall and winter!

Here’s how it works:




It’s important prior to starting any training program that you get baseline data and build a plan necessary for YOU!



  • Full mechanical breakdown
  • Highlight your strengths/weaknesses
  • Video analysis broken down to an understandable “areas of focus” sheet for you



October - On-Ramp/Foundation Build


We understand how busy the fall is wrapping up travel ball, playing other sports, fall leagues, etc.  That’s why this October, we will start the off season with private and semi-private lessons scheduled around games/travel. Just because you’re in season, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dedicated to getting better.

.workouts to ensure you get the knowledge and hands on instruction necessary to hit the ground running.  



  • Skill development through 1on1 and small group instruction 1-2x per week
  • Work closely with John and Casey to understand proper movements and build your foundation


*Schedules will open this week to begin reserving your times!*



November through January - Off-Season


Fall ball is over and it’s time to up the reps and intensity.  Make sure you do everything you can to be prepared for nest season.  No guessing.  No sporadic training.  Simple, effective, consistent work to help you reach your goals for the upcoming season.



  • Off-season progression to build the best version of you in preparation for upcoming baseball season 
  • Competitive workouts amongst your friends 2-3x per week (Bonus workouts on Saturdays)