Having a Routine

Having a Routine

Today we want to touch on a topic that is regularly neglected and at times, causing more harm than good for young athletes.  Too many times guys get run into the ground and don’t perform as well on the field by their “workout” plan.  Not necessarily because the workouts are too hard, or “football workouts”, but because you’re demanding your body to perform at a high level in multiple places but you aren’t properly preparing or fueling it.  I would like to encourage a process for you guys to remember and take from this message.  First, prepare your body.  Next, dominate whatever you’re doing whether that’s a game or a workout.  Then, recover.


It’s extremely important for you to know how to properly get yourself ready for physical activity.  We can’t expect our body to fire on all cylinders if we haven’t properly activated it to do so.  It’s important to spend the 10-15 minutes your body needs to warm up and be fully prepared and ready to go.  Here’s a list of things that you should seriously consider adding to your daily routine prior to activity/competition.


  1. Foam Roll/Deep tissue 
  2. Cardio - 3-5 min on stationary bike, 3 min jog on treadmill
  3. Corrective Exercises - T-spine mobility, stabilization, etc. 
  4. Plyometric Warm Up - Active stretch for total body, develop explosive power 



I would recommend getting these done each day before a workout for sure, and if you have the facilities to get them all done pre-game as well, that’s even better.  The next thing you need to do is simple, give your best effort, pay attention to the details of whatever you’re doing, and have a good attitude.  Control what you can control… your effort, your focus, your attitude.  


Lastly, we have to make sure we recover.  This means more than just get rest.  This means extra stretching, extra soft tissue, hydrating, sleeping, and proper diet.  All throughout the day and while you train, you need to be consuming a ton of water.  You also need to be eating the right foods throughout the day to help you reach your goals.  In order for your workouts to pay off, you need protein for your muscles to rebuild and recover.  You need carbs for short-term energy.  If you can, track what you eat.  There’s a great app called myfitnesspal where you can input your info and search and track everything you eat/drink.  Try to eat a balanced diet.  You want to make sure you are eating a healthy balance between your macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats).  Supplements can help fill the void when it’s difficult to get the nutrition you need through food alone.  Free shipping on all orders for diet supplementation/vitamins for men and women-www.1stphorm.com/SA


Remember, hard work isn't for everyone.. however neither is playing time, production and college or pro offers...  Period.  And if you want your body to perform for you, it’s important you take care of it so that it can for you.  So use this daily routine to take your game to another level.  Prepare, Dominate, Recover.



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