2 Ways to Hit More Line Drives

2 Ways to Hit More Line Drives

Has anyone ever met a hitter who didn’t want to hit more line drives and get more hits?  The answer is obviously no.  There are some very common cues that are thrown around in the baseball world that are doing more harm than good.  Pay close attention to the things you’re taught and make sure that what you’re doing is giving you the best chance for success. 


Here are a few things we’d like to highlight and help you understand how it’s impacting your swing.


Have you been taught to take your knob to the ball? 



Have you been taught to hit down on the ball?


 If you’re swinging down on the ball, you’re giving yourself minimal room for error and putting a swing on the ball that produces ground balls and pop-ups.


Do you find yourself “rolling over” a lot? If you extend too early by leading with your hands, you will find yourself in a weaker point of contact as well as leaving only your wrists left to power through the ball.


While there are many potential causes for an improper swing path, the focus of this post is to change the mindset that:


  1. The hands lead the swing
  2. You should swing down


In order to hit more line and fly balls, you must train to:

1. Lead with hips


2. Get your barrel in the zone early








 By training with 17 Co. Overload Plyo Hitting Balls you can be your own coach and receive direct feedback to help you make adjustments FASTER. 

 Not only can hitting overload balls promote a stronger point of contact, it can also help you understand approach angle and help you groove a better swing path. 

 The ball will give you direct feedback by the way it comes off your barrel.  As long as your goal is to drive these balls as far as you can, you will learn quickly learn to adapt to squaring the ball up with a proper approach angle. 


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